A moment of Epiphany


 we’ll never be able to decipher

the meaning of somethings in life

they always seem strange

 when we think about them

and we keep on thinking about them

but we never get it

But someday when we are wallowing

in our abyss

in dark times

there is a sudden flash of  memory in front of our eyes

and we realise that a certain thing might have happened

 for this particular reason


in that moment

knowing the reason

will be everything

~ a.m.


Whenever I think of him,

I think of his soul.

The way he thought , it was like he was from some other dimension.

Like a very very old soul that has been long observing the world and smiling.

Smiling at the foolishness of humans.

His eyes were so kind. As if he knew all the hurt you’ve gone through

And the way he answered your questions. It was mind boggling

You always got the answer you deserved

I can never understand, how a teenager could have been so mellow

All I hoped that the world wouldn’t crush such a beautiful soul.