I’m engulfed in the comfort on my bed on a lazy Monday morning, I say lazy because I have nothing productive to do. Its a holiday. I’m a Monday person, believe it or not. I love going back to the grind after a refreshing Sunday. But when Monday is a holiday, I feel sad. Since my summer vacation is going on, it is no different. I don’t even have to remember the days, everyday is monotonous, I’ve got no tasks for my beck. I devour the solitude before everyone wakes up, solace of seclusion of my room before I’m whisked away from my home for vacation and I’ll have to be surrounded by people twenty four seven. There is no place like home. I try to enjoy my last morning of this summer lazing, my mind buzzing with random thoughts which are halted by a text I receive from my friend, asking if I was free.

I missed her. It had been months since I had spoken to her. Not just because the both of us were too busy with our lives, but because the whooping time difference of almost twelve hours made it very difficult for us to catch up. We weren’t the kind of friends who’d casually text each other. It is that either we have a long hearty conversation or nothing at all. Only extremes.

Have you ever had that feeling, damn how did I end up finding a friend like this? That’s the exact feeling I get every time I speak to her. If you just look at both of us, you’d never imagine that the two of us could be friends. But once you personally get to know the two of us, you would totally understand that it would be insane if we weren’t friends. The kind of friendship just flows so smoothly, I fall in harmony with her every step. Maybe that is how you feel when you speak to your soul sister. That is what we call each other. I wish I could write a blog post about her. The unique amazing person she is. She is one of a kind. She is always engaged in a world of her own, hardly caring about anything else. The kind of person who would do things on her own comfort rather than following the crowd. I look upto her for this very amazing nature of hers. And when I say, she never fails to surprise you, it is the best one line I could sum her up in. The kind of person who you HAVE to get to know. I have friends who had casual conversations with her and they say ‘we don’t get her’. Because she is the kind of person, you just can’t figure out superficially. To appreciate her, you need to delve in her depths. Those who had actually sat down and spoke to her can only understand what I’m speaking about. The best kind of people are those who I can have open minded conversation, those who are firm about their values and opinions but would give a chance and actually listen to other’s opinions, try to understand just for the sake of understanding what the other person wants to tell you. And yes yes yes, she is that kind of person. Her mind is the best thing about her. And I feel so awful that I just can’t do justice to her with all these words, I just fail to capture her perplexity, her astounding self.

And each time I speak to her, I feel like a certain part of me has changed for the better. Like I’m able to figure out one more fit to my disarray of puzzle pieces of life. I feel all the musical notes that would define my existence are in harmony, only if just for a while.

Have a nice Summer you all. I absolutely hate summer, I hate the hot hot weather. Although, the mangoes are a plus but I would rather be in winter. Or even better rainy season. It is like I’m deluged by sadness this season. Summertime sadness. 




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