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One of the most profound thing I’ve ever observed about humans is the erroneous presumption they have about themselves. False assumption about themselves to be always right, to be always the victim.

Most of them at least. Although there are a few wise souls which are to be exempted from this, since they have gained the wisdom to retrospect themselves beyond the innate error each human possesses.

Simply put, each person I’ve come across wants to believe that they are in the right for every argument they have. Wise enough to assume, since they wouldn’t have been having the argument in the first place if they hadn’t believed that they were right. Though, there are a few people who argue just for the sake of arguing or knowingly argue even though they know they are wrong because they are conceited enough to think that they can twist the argument in their own direction. Such people, very clever people I might add, have to be spoken about much in detail for such less light on their malicious ways does no justice.

Coming back to our point, one of the innate error I’ve observed in human beings, not every but significant amount of humans, is that they always want to assume that they are correct. They do not stop to ponder upon themselves, what if I was wrong. No, such behaviour doesn’t ‘seem’ to them reasonable specially when they need to think rationally but they are distracted by their hot headedness in circumstances where they need to tread with extreme caution.

Why is it that they cannot bear to imagine that they could be wrong at this place. Maybe they are the one who are toxic to the other person. That they are the ones to blame. Maybe if they realize that they have committed a mistake, maybe a very small one but albeit they did commit one and own up to it things would’ve gone much better. Sadly that’s usually not the case.

Firstly there is the problem of false assumption that they are automatically in the right. No restrospection upon their own actions, for if they did they would’ve realised that maybe their assumption wasn’t right all along. Second, there is a problem of massive ego wherein a person comes to realise his own error, that he was the one who was wrong but doesn’t owns upto it. Because the vanity of pride overtakes their senses and they do not want to appear foolish claiming that all along they were arguing for nothing when all of it could be easily solved with a simple apology. It is now foolish of them to not apologize but they don’t realise this, because as I said not every human is wise enough to look beyond their error, to accept that there is some innate error. And the world would be a better place if all of us, ascertained our actual footing each time we got ahead of ourselves, be humble enough to realize that sometimes we are in the wrong when we argue and we are the ones to make mistake and in the end be courageous enough to own upto it, to apologize for their mistakes.


After all, to err is human and to forgive is divine.

I was overwhelming with a plethora  of intense emotions as I wrote this and this is just my opinion about us, humans. And I’m open to accept that my opinion could be wrong. 

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