Why has the world become so superficial nowadays?

Is fat really the worse thing that can get?Does height really define the way you treat people?
Being popular is the only way to deserve respect?
Only those who have money can be happy?

Why are we putting such restrictions on our mind?

It is high time to ponder what good are we going to get classifying people based on their superficial qualities most of which are beyond their own control.

Do people really get to judge others that way?

Are we that vain?

Just because a person hasn’t been blessed with super fast metabolism or enough stamina to work the adipose tissue out of the body,  doesn’t mean that you get the right to look at them as someone beneath you.

Or just that their bones haven’t grown long enough according to your standards.

Or the fact that not everyone is blessed to be charismatic.

Or that not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.


Is it that such people aren’t happy? Most of them are. Then why is society so repulsed with the idea of them.


Aren’t humans born to be a certain way? Not everyone has the same priority to become the slimmest or tall or famous or rich.


It is okay to have such things as priority. It’s totally okay to have your own thing, own mantra, own mindset about life, about the world. But it is definitely not okay to judge people that they don’t have the same mindset as yours, its not okay to be narrow minded enough to put in snide remarks and pass it off as a joke, it is not okay to deliberately hurt someone just because they are not up to ‘your’ mark.


Maybe some people put their time, effort and energy towards becoming kind, compassionate, generous, broad minded and open hearted that they do not have the time to bend their backs over other things, which for them are just superficial characteristics.


People, live for themselves and they do not live for YOUR aesthetic pleasure.


Maybe you have to ask yourself, are you really contended and happy with your life?

Maybe that’s the only thing that should matter!



2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. The harsh reality of life.
    It all starts when one starts comparing. Why do they even do that? That’s what the society and the people around have been teaching.
    Yes, we all are different. Some have a few better qualities and the others a little less. We remain humane when we look past those differences. But we don’t. Because, someone wants to feel superior, someone has fuel their crumpled ego, someone has to show off. Some are messed up. But its’ upto us, at the end of the day to not take anything they say or do to heart and be ourselves and not give a damn about others.

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  2. Very few of them would understand and maybe no one takes there ownself seriously and perhaps the answer they won’t find because everyone are trying to find faults in others than themselves….Talking in the point of view of islam ….. things are going the way its described.

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