Midnight epiphanies.

You know what they say. You win some. You lose some.

You lose some friends from your life and for a significant amount of time you feel dreadfully hollow.

And then you make new friends that fill in their void and now you are no longer empty.

But I think that I’m tired of running away from the ghosts that people carry. I no longer want to be haunted by them or ignore their existence rather I want to be comfortable in their presence.

I want to look at those monsters, those vile creatures,  those demons right in the eye and show them that they do not horrify me.

That they do not affect me. That their existence does not change my perspective towards the people I have always loved,  before I knew of the burden they carried and I will always continue to love them, no matter what.

Because I know that I’m not shallow or judgemental.

That at times, I perceive through my heart and not my brain.

And I will always hate the sin, not the sinner.

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